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If you are tired of the average and boring breakfast, you will love the ideas we share and your breakfast will be incredible. Besides, the cooking ideas we share will help to ease your life. Eggs are perfect ingredients as they are used in a huge amount of dishes.
Let’s start from a super-delicious recipe - eggs wrapped in rice and bacon. It’s a perfect dish for breakfast or dinner and your family will love it. Firstly, prepare the rice and wrap an egg in rice using a plastic bag. After that take bacon slices and wrap the balls and fry.
We adore avocados and share a perfect dish for breakfast. Baked avocados with eggs are the best choice for those who prefer healthy food. Cut avocados and arrange halves in a baking tray. Carefully separate yolks using a plastic bottle and gently put 1 egg yolk into every avocado half. Season each filled avocado with paprika, dried bacon, ham, parsley or cheese and bake for 30 minutes. Enjoy your breakfast!
You can cook eggs after the expiration date if you have stored them properly. That’s why the best way is to freeze them in an ice cube mold
The next breakfast idea is the best choice if you don’t have time in the morning. You can also make an egg sandwich for a party, it’s a delicious appetizer. Take a plastic bag and mix eggs, mustard, and spices in it. Make a cut on the plastic bag to squeeze the mixture on a bread slice. If you try to lose some weight, we have a perfect fat-free breakfast idea for you. Mix all the ingredients for the omelet in a plastic bag and boil.
00:09 Baked avocados
02:01 Airy omelet
04:54 Baked eggs with bacon
06:32 Egg sandwich
14:13 Egg noodles
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